Thursday, May 28, 2009

Pregnancy Brain

On top of all the "wonderful" things of pregnancy there was one thing that I thought I was bound and determined to not be affected by...if it really happened. So many people warned me of this "pregnancy brain" that you get, however I just thought they were crazy. I have a wonderful memory how in the world could my pregnancy take that away! Well I think I spoke way to soon! Here are a few of the "fun" experiences I have so far encountered that my husband thinks is hilarious...I just don't think so!

1) A few weeks ago I was heading to a YW meeting and on my way there I completely forgot where the house I was going to was. Let's remember I have been there several times before and yet I still had no idea. I was lost! I had to call Lareme to give me directions!

2) Today I went to school to drop off some things I forgot yesterday. As I got out of my car, I went to the back seat to look for some papers. From the time I got out of my car to go the the back seat I had already forgotten where my keys were. I looked for about 10-15 minutes and then called Lareme to see if he could help me find my keys! After about 20 minutes I found them under some papers in my back seat! Who knew? (Not to mention this whole week, I dedicated to cleaning out my classroom and everyday this week I forgot something I was suppose to bring...go figure)

3) I was cleaning off the table and I ran into some letters I was suppose to send to all my YW parents...oh wait I was suppose to send them a month ago! WOW I have really lost it.

4) For the last semester my students got used to finding all the items I need to teach. It was a regular daily occurance that I couldn't find something I just put down. The worst part is when you have parents in the room and you want to be on top of your game but you can't remember anything for the life of you.

The list can go on...these are just a few of the wonderful experiences of pregnancy! Haha I'm trying to make it light since it hasn't been the best experience for me. I am officially on my 1st week of not really being sick...it only took 22 weeks to get there. Now instead of being sick I get to feel like a beach whale each morning when I wake up! haha!

On a more positive note I get to watch my tummy bounce up and down as my little Ryan punching and kicks me. It's actually quite amuzing! When I really want to get her going I just gotta eat some ice cream or candy and I'm good to go. Lareme got to feel her kick for the first time last week which was kind of exciting. He's not to sure of the whole thing yet, (He got a little freaked out haha) but I'm sure he'll get used to it after awhile.
Here is a picture of Lareme and I on Easter. It was a little over a month ago. I haven't really taken many pictures of my belly, but as requested here is one of the few. When I have a more up to date picture I'll make sure I add it.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Fessler Happenings

So school is officially over! I taught my last day of first grade on Friday! It was a bitter sweet...I'm excited to start my life as a stay home mom but I'm sad to leave teaching and watching my kiddos grow but physically and academically. You really begin to get attached to your kids! So this next week its doing all the final paperwork and close out of my classroom and I am officially job free! Well kind of...I'm going to put in some hours at my previous job each week so I guess I'm not completely job free...that day won't come until little Ryan Nicole is here.

So as I begin this life of being partially job free, these are the goals I have set...lets see how I do
1) Learn to sew
2) Deep clean my house
3) Paint the doors and floorboards of my house
4) Upgrade the kitchen
5) Possible get our house ready to sell...if we find something within the stake
6) Paint and decorate Ryan's room
7) Begin the plan for my emergent literacy preschool that will open in Fall 2010

But we'll see...hopefully all goes well and I can say all were accomplished!

So now to the whole moving scenario! Yes, Lareme and I have been talking about moving forever and have been waiting for the market to drop so we could finally buy a home at a reasonable price. Well what time is better than now...people need to rent...we have a great house to rent and tons of houses are under forclosure...well let's just say all didn't work out like I planned. For those that don't know the whole story here is the basis...we prayed about it...felt like we should move sometime in August (right before Ryan comes..doesn't sound like fun). All the houses I was looking at were futher south and that would be out of the stake and when the stake president found out he told us to seriously pray about it. So Lareme being the obedient guy he is does this and feels that we shouldn't move..Little does he know he is about to be put in the high counsel. So long story short we are back to square one to see if we should move, but obviously somewhere within the stake. So we'll see...

Today was a very spiritual experience as Lareme was ordained a high preist and then set apart to be in the high counsel. The spirit was very strong in the room. I really began thinking about how special this little baby inside me must be to come into a home with parents who love her and to have a father as spiritual as Lareme. He is going to be an amazing dad. Sometimes I wonder how did I get so lucky to marry such a righteous young man.

I just want to thank all my family who came out to support Lareme and had dinner with us afterwards. It was really nice to spend time with everyone, since I don't get to very often since school always kept me so busy!

and yes I will post prego pictures eventually... I just don't have the engery to download them as we speak.