Sunday, December 28, 2008

Break Time!

So I need to get better at updating this! My last update was forever ago, however life with the Fessler's really isn't all that exciting. Here is a little break down of all the happenings! Nothing really exciting! We are kind of a boring couple! haha

Decemeber 1st- Lareme gave his Yard Maintanence business away! (just focusing on insurace)
December 19th- Dawn is officially finished her first semester of school! (I am half way done!!)
Decemeber 20-Jan 4th- School Break for Dawn! :) best news yet!

So I have officially had my first week of break from school and boy has it been nice! Well kind of! I definately miss my kiddos and working.... not grading the papers...but having something specific to do each day. I really do miss my kids! They are all so great and special! I really do have a good class and I love all my kids, even the ones I have to carry to the office each week! I don't know why but sometimes I just think about what great people each of them are going to turn out to be. I can see that they are going to be such good, husbands, wive, moms, dads, missionaries. It's such a sweet experience to watch these kids learn and grow. I learn from them too!

One of my favorite stories:
So a few weeks ago one of my students said, "I go to Banner's church" and then another student said "I go to Banner's church too" and then another and another. lets just say half of my class is LDS. Then, another student was all, " I don't go to church, what do you do." and then my little Bradley looks the little boy who asked and confidently said, "We learn about Heavenly Father!" It was the sweetest experience to watch these young kids be missionaries already! I was so proud of him! It just melted my heart! It just makes me think to myself, why is it so easy for these kiddos to share the gospel and so difficult for me. We all really do need to be like children! They are so loving and humble!

All break I really haven't done much, just relaxed, cleaned my house (boy did it need it), and spent time with the family. I have actually enjoyed being home and adding more home decor and baking (which I never have time for) and making breakfast, lunch, and dinner for my husband! Boy is he spoiled right now....haha he hasn't ever gotten that! Our whole marriage I have been glued to work and/or school! Now I have a break I don't think he knows what to do with himself. He is finding it a little more difficult to stay focused working while I'm home. (He works from home) But its really been great to have all this time together!

Decemeber 24th
We went over to my in-laws for our traditional reenactment of Jesus' birth. My mother-in -law has created a whole skit for all the grandkids to take part in and we all sing songs between each part. The little ones all dress up! It is actually very cute and the kids always do so well!

December 25th
Merry Christmas! Lareme and I just spent the day going back and forth to family member's house's on Christmas! I spent the morning baking cookies and making homemade rolls while Lareme made German pancakes in the Dutch oven. Mmmm they were soo good! Lareme's sister and husband came over for breakfast! It is a Fessler traditional to eat German pancakes on Christmas morning...and its a traditional I am sure to keep! We also spent the morning watching the Today Show. One of my kiddos went to NY a few weeks ago while they were filming the Today Show for Christmas Day. He was standing outside holding a sign that say We made it to NY from AZ. Hi to my friends in Mrs. Fessler's Class! His mom said he was shown, however I was bummed because I didn't see him. It was so sweet though! He was so excited to tell! Kids are soo great aren't they! We had a great Christmas and we hope you all did as well! I really miss the excitment of Christmas morning, though.....Brooke says it will come back once we have little ones...and I'm sure it will. haha We also went to see the Tom Cruise movie....not my choice, the guys choice, go figure. It was pretty good, but I definately wouldn't pay to see it again.

December 27th
Lareme and I went to see some of my old friends from High School yesterday! It was good to see everyone and see how everyone is growing up! It's so weird to see everyone and know that they have careers or are in grad school! It was really good to catch up...however my poor husband was soo bored...he was a good sport though! Thanks hunny!