Thursday, June 26, 2008

It's Summer Time

The Fessler home never seems to slow down! We have done so much this summer, but yet we feel like we haven't done all that much. Here is an update in the Fessler home. This last month Lareme had the opportunity to go to GilChrist with the Scouts and I had the opportunity to go to Girls Camp as a YCL Cabin Mom. What an experience it is to be a leader and do the Lords work. I must say girls camp really help me understand why certain people receive certain callings. I was able to experience how the Lord touches lives through others. Recently, Lareme's sister got married and I have continued to do the shoot my last few weddings...thankfully. I have also stayed pretty busy with weddings and I'm heading to Portland tomorrow to shoot my last one! I must say shooting wedding are A LOT of work! Our most exciting news this month is that I got a job teaching 1st grade at Ellsworth Elementary! I am so stoked! It is the school and grade level that I wanted. I have been very busy gathering school supplies and Lareme cannot wait for me to get my keys so I can get all the boxes out of the house. Speaking of which I get to pick out my classroom on July 7th :)! Lareme is staying busy with the insurance and yard maintance businesses and I am back working at SimonMed until mid July.