Friday, March 20, 2009

Were my motherly insticts correct?

So I got an ultrasound today, really it was just something fun to see the baby and see if we could find out what the baby is...I'm way too impatient. Anyways, based on the ultrasound the tech said that everything looked good (I didn't have a rad reading because it was just something fun to do today ( I used to work at an imagine facility and am so lucky to have a sister in law a manager at one)) It was kind of interesting to hear the tech say the baby is really long. He was all, "Is your husband tall?"...Me: "NO! He's 5'3' " haha well maybe the baby with take after grandpa. Anyways I got some really good profile views of the baby! Technology now days is phenomenal! Lareme says the baby has his nose :) So apparently, based on the ultrasound I am 6 days further along than I thought. So hopefully that means the nausea will go away faster. Well finally we got down to whether or not it was a boy or a girl! Technically the tech cannot be 100% sure, but the tech said................................................he is 75% sure that it is a.......................................................girl! So we just may be welcoming little Ryan Nicole into our home in September! :)
Lareme and I both could have sworen we were having a boy but apparently are parental insticints were probably not correct! I will be getting another ultrasound in a few weeks to confirm! Well see then!
Here are some of the imagines! I took a picture of them so they aren't as good as they really are but they still look pretty good!

Look at that little face! I can't believe how amazing this imagines are!

Monday, March 16, 2009

3 months and still counting!

Lareme and I are very excited to announce that we will be expecting our first little one this September! Lareme has been waiting for the twelve week mark to finally tell everyone! I guess I'm such a mean spouse to make him wait a whole 8 more weeks before he told anyone, needless to say Lareme is extremely excited. So far pregnancy has been horrible for me, however I wouldn't say it has been nice either. I just keep telling myself it could be worse. Lareme has been a trooper throughout the last few weeks as I haven't known what I want to eat but I was hungry. Haha I know many of you guys know exactly what I'm talking about. It's by far the most frustrating thing about pregnancy. NOTHING and I mean NOTHING sounds good to eat and what you used love to eat no longer tastes good, yet you have to eat or you get sicker! The joys of pregnancy. Well luckily I believe that I have reached the point to of feeling better....well I hope so. I have felt pretty good the last couple of days so lets hope this continues.
So last Friday, I told my class that I was going to be having a baby and the kids were estatic. Not only did they tell any teacher they came in contact with, but they were writing me notes throughout the day! "I'm excited for your baby" "I'm excited for you" "I want to see your baby" The kids were so cute about it all :)