Saturday, July 24, 2010

Learning New Things

Over the last few weeks we have stayed busy taking care of Ryan and working! Lareme celebrated his 30th birthday at Canyon Lake and I have been working more on my photography! I put on a surprise party for Lareme at canyon Lake and we had a blast! We ended up staying out there a lot longer than expected! I'm glad that so many could make it and enjoy his birthday! Around this time of year I begin to get sad and the school year starts back up. This year hit me a little harder than last. I really miss teaching but I know that I am where I'm suppose to be taking care of my little girl! Sometimes I just wished I was able to do both, but I know its better that I am home and if I did go back to work I would be wish I could spend more time with my baby girl!

We have had one hot summer but over the course of these hot days we have had a few good days! The other night was nice so we took Ryan to the park. Here are some pictures of her swinging! At first she as sure of it (probably because its been so long since we have been to the park) but once she was warmed up she loved it!

Over the last few weeks we have notice so much growth in Ryan!
Potty Training 101

So this week we have experienced major progress with Ryan's potty training (aka EC) The other day I bought some little panties for her to wear around the house and she has been doing awesome! She usually will go potty 3 or 4 times a day and have an accident or two a day! The best thing is that we only go through 2 diapers a day!! Ryan has officially learned to communicate with us when she needs to go potty! She will either crawl to the bathroom and sit in front of it or she will crawl on my legs and grunt! It's amazing how much she is picking up! She now cries when she has an accident and I'm not sure why. If she understands that she is suppose to go in the potty and is upset or just doesn't like to be wet, either way she's showing progress! I thought her reaction was interesting because we have never shown any negative response to her having an accident. Kids are much smarter than we give them credit for!

New things that I'm doing
-Ryan has learned that she can drop things and pick them back up. Over the last few days she has been picking up food and dropping it to just pick it up again to put in her mouth! She has also discovered the cup holder on her tray and likes to put her food in there and take it out and then put it in there again.
-Ryan is now on a roll with walking with assitance. We have a little stroller to push and she loves pushing it around. She's getting strong and I bet will be walking before we realize it!
-Ryans has learned how to turn pages in a book! Its amazing how quickly they learn! Ryan and I spend at least 20 m inutes a day reading and she loves it! (I think I enjoy it more though)
-When Ryan talks to us she now will say "Aie ya" Whatever that means but she says it all day long! Its pretty cute!

My new favorites
-Loves to hold her bath toys while she sits on the toliet!
-Her Wheat Thins, Dorritos, Veggie Straws

My new discoveries
-Ryan's discovered that she LOVES pickles! We were eating subs the other night and she devoured the pickle given to us!! She loved it!
-She's found her voice! For the last few weeks Ryan has been screaming! Just out of the blew you will hear her high pitched squeal.
-She has learned that she can feed her Daddy food! She loves to do it too!
-She has learned that she can CLIMB and hang over the couches and beds! She loves climbing. She's my little monkey!

The silliest thing Ryan's doing
-Today Ryan was following an ant with her eyes! Then she decided to chase it! While crawling around she would try and smash it! It was so cute!
-Ryan now has decided that she can only eat a snack if she has one in each hand. Its so funny! She won't even attempt to eat the snack until she has at least two!

Saturday, July 3, 2010

On Saturday we went down to down town Mesa for the 4th of July Celebration. Happy 4th btw! We also went to go see the Founding Fathers Presentation! Our friend Helen is an amazing photographer and she was presenting her new collection of Captured Miracles at the Mesa Center for the Arts. They are amazing!! You can see her work here. Anyways Ryan was all decked out in her Red, White and Blue but I didn't take any picture, however I did today! Not the same outfit but she is still cute :)
Doesn't that face melt your heart!! This is how she looks at her Daddy when she knows she's in trouble!!! Now who's in trouble...ahaha my daddy's girl might get away with more than she should!
I couldn't help myself!! I had to take a picture of these cute shoes!! Ah I love little girls!! Aren't they fun!

This week Ryan started clapping! She loves to clap. Whenever she hears music or someone acts excited she gets a big smile on her face and claps! :) Ryan also is beginning to crawl really fast! She is all over the place now!
I know many people think I'm crazy but I have started to potty train Ryan. All I've been doing is when she is getting ready to poop I put her on the potty! I have had incrediable success with this so far! For the last 9 days she has only had one stinky diaper and that was only because we didnt have a bathroom nearby. The best thing of all is she stopped herself until we got home and finished when I was able to put her on the potty! I really think she is making the connection! It's amazing!! This next week we are going to start working on the sign for potty so she can communicate to me when she needs to go! Wish me luck!!
So I've been reading up on this early potty training thing because so many people think I'm crazy and I found out that in other countries (China, Africa) where diapers are not readily available, babies are potty trained by the age 1. I also discovered that babies were potty trained by 18 month in America before the 1940's when Pampers came out. I guess when Pampers came out they had a Doctor endorse the fact that early potty training could cause pyschological issues. However recent studies show there is no negative effect on early potty training if done properly. I also read that some people begin to potty train at 3 months!! Thats crazy! Its all very interesting! So I'm going to try some of the new tactic I read about this week and see how it goes!!

At 9 months I have discovered and learned some of Ryan's favorites

Favorite toys- Touch'n Feel books, ribbon, combs, and paper (notice how 3 of the 4 are not baby toys)

Favorite Food- Bread, Cheese quesadilla, CHOCOLATE! She tried spagetti and mac'n cheese and loved them both! Yogurt and pears!
Favorite things to do- READ, Play with daddy and sit on his shoulders, Hang upside down, and the newest CLAP

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Ryan Nicole!!

Okay! Okay! I know I have been horrible with updating! Everything in our household has been going well! Lareme is staying busy with work and his calling and being a dad! I've been busy staying home with Ryan and loving every moment of it! Since Ryan's birth I have been working on photography and am in the process of building a blog and have now created prices and what not! It's a slow process and it's hard to charge for it! HAHA! I consider myself pretty cheap so when it comes to charging people I want to make sure it's well worth their money! Well I'll let you all know when I have my blog created. Other than that Lareme and I have just been enjoying our little one!! and loving every moment of it! Well here is goes! This is a brief overview of the last 9 months with my beautiful baby girl!! She has grown a ton and her little personality is coming out!!

Here are Ryan's 9 month pictures! Lareme just painted this blue backdrop for me and I wanted to try it out!! I LOVE IT!! Ryan loved these pictures because she LOVES being naked!! It's the funniest thing! A total different girl comes out when she is naked! She's a wild, crazy girl and she is silly! She will just laugh and laugh, roll over, climb on you, crawl away, and then laugh again!! Boy do I love this girl! At your 9 month appt you were 27 3/4 inches long (70%) and 15.2lbs (4%). You are just long and skinny!
June 25 -9 month Pictures

I think this age is by far my favorite! Although as she gets bigger I just keep saying that! I just love getting to know her and seeing this happy little girl! She is SO happy. One of my favorite things that she does is if someone else is holding her and she sees Lareme or I she will kick her legs and mover her arms with excitement! I love that I know she loves us!! and I love that I know that she knows we LOVE her!! You love to babble and talk! You now say dada, just in time for Fathers day!
The day before Father's Day Ryan decided to start throwing tantrums. She has now decided that she is a daddy's girl and wants him when she wants him. She usually screams for about 35 to 45 minutes and then will stop crying. She will have1-2 of these a day! WOW she really wants her daddy. Well this didn't bother me so much because it always occured at home so I usually would let her scream it out, let her know I love her but I wont pick her up until she stops crying, well needless to say she decided to throw one of these tantrums at church. Oh no! It was horrible. We went to another ward to hear Lareme speak and she saw him in the stands and decided that she wanted him then. It was the worst and I was so embarrassed! She screamed for a full 40 minutes! She was screamng so loudly that people were coming out the their classes to make sure she was okay! I didn't know what to do! I walked outside, I tried distracting her, and tried holding her, I tried singing to her..NOTHING worked! Well eventually I think she wore herself out and she stopped crying! Thankfully :)
June 6th, 2010 - 8 Month Pictures
Okay here is my little one at 8 months! At this stage of your life you just started to crawl! It was amazing all of a sudden you started scoot one day and two days later you were all over the place...literally all over the place! Then the next thing I know you are pulling yourself up! Now when I come get you in the morning you are now sitting up waiting for me.
8 month pictures - 6/14
You love to play peek a boo! You love to put anything in your mouth now!! You don't care if its hair, grass, food, string, or whatever! You just want it!! You sure take after your daddy! You love to talk!! You now say Moma--your first word, I might add :)--baba, bobo, nana!Your first time in pig tails. Your hair isn't quite long enough but you sure looked cute with them in!In May you started running a fever! After running a fever for several days I finally took you in! You had an ear infection and they put you on antibiotics. Well 7 days later you got a really high fever and broke out in a rash! You were covered head to toe! It didn't seem to bother you! You were so good over this 2 week span of not feeling well!
April 24th-7 month Pictures Here is my beautiful little girl! All pretty in pink! I think these two pictures sum Ryan up so well! She loves to observe people and she stares right into your eyes ever since she was a little girl! She also loved to sit up straight! Aunt Jenny also jokes about how her spine doesn't bend because her back is always so straight...She's so prim and proper! Ryan is a very good baby!! She sleeps well through the night and rarely cries! At this point in your life you love your mom! If someone else is holding you, you just cry and cry! You just want your mom! You have now discovered that you like cold food! You are now eating yogurt..which you love and I have been making you pancakes as well! This is the month that you tried chocolate for the first time! Needless to say, YOU LOVE IT!Daddy always loves to teach you new things!! This is one that he loved to watch you do! Although it was pretty cute it definately wasn't fun for Mommy to try and feed you when you would just spit it right back out by humming your lips together! You catch on to new things very quickly. Look at those two little teeth! They are so cute!

April 11th- 6 month!
Don't those dark eyes just get you! I love this picture! (it was the first picture I took with my new lens) Over the last month and a half I have struggle with trying to get Ryan to eat baby food or cereal! She just wouldn't do it! I was determined to get her to eat it! Needless to say...I lost this battle! I officially stopped trying and now my little turkey eat refried beans, cheese, tortillas, rice crackers, etc. I can pretty much get her to eat anything as long as I mix cheese in it! She likes mostly dry food! I have had a hard time getting her to eat fruit and vegetables until I discovered freeze dried food. Let me not forget to mention that you take after your Nana. You take a good 1 1/2 hrs to 2 hrs to eat! Yes you definately take you time!You love riding on daddy's shoulders!!! Its your favorite thing!! You like to hit his head while your up there!Look at those teeth! They popped through on March 30th!We drove up to Utah for General Conference this year! This year General Conference was held on Easter Weekend so we spent Easter in Utah with Great Grandma and Grandpa! You got an Easter basket full of goodies! I must say your favorite thing was the light up tooth brush..which you still love to play with and then the plastic grass! ahah you loved making a mess of it! Great Grandma loved your little bunny ears!! You also had your 2nd experience of being babysat by cousin Mindi!! You were sure good for her! Conference was awesome. Katie and Jordan came with us!I had to get a picture of you in Daddy's Garden!This is one of you official 6 month pictures! Cousin Ashlynne was sure nice to let you borrow her tutu! I must say you looked pretty cute in it!Ocassionally Cousin Remi comes over and play! You to love to play together!! It will be so much more fun when your are older! You are so lucky to have so many cousins close to your age!
At your 6 month appt you were 26 inches long (50%) and 13lbs (5%)

5 months- February 24th

This month you began sitting up on your own!! All by yourself! Your Favorite thing to play with is paper! And boy do you love it when daddy gives you new paper to play with! You can roll around for hours with it!This is Ryan and cousin Remi and Reagan's 2nd Birthday party! (You two were wearing matching onsies :)4 months -January 28This month you started rolling over all the time. You also had your first taste of baby cereal and then later baby food! You did NOT like it! When I tried feeding you green beans you just cried and cried! You were not happy! I should have known better to wait to try and feed you, it was just the Dr. seemed to be concerned about your size! Me knowing that you would be small wasn't really concerned but thr Doctors response about how I should strt feeding you solids made me reconsider! By now you are sleeping a good 12 hrs each night! Thank you for letting your Mommy sleep! At your 4 month appt you were 24 1/2 inches long (60%) and 10lbs 13oz (10%)

3 months-December 24th

This is Ryan and Remi on Christmas Eve. Nana gave them matching jamies! Every Christmas Eve we go over to Lareme's parents house and have dinner! After dinner we reenact the navity. This year Ryan got to be baby Jesus! She sure looked cute laying in that manger!

2 months oldThe Fessler Family with Santa (Grandpa Nelson)Christmas Pictures December 4 (Ryan is 2 months old)

Ryan was blessed on Decemeber 6th 2009. We were so lucky to have Great Grandma and Grandpa come to her blessing! My mom gave me my blessing dress when I was little. Unfortunately, I was born in the mid 80's and I'm sure most of you can recall the dreaded lace that covered the dresses up at the top. Well my dress was cover! So to make the dress special for Ryan's day I took off the lace and put some beading on the empire waist! It turned out pretty good....much better than all that lace :) It was special to see my little girl dressed in all white being blessed by her daddy! The most memorable thing to me that you were blessed that day with was that you would be an example to your parents. When I heard that I thought to myself that I must have a special little girl to be an example to her daddy! Ryan is sure lucky to be blessed with such a wonderful dad! I am so blessed to have Lareme as my husband! He is truly a wonderful man! I could not ask for more in a spouse or father of my child! I was sure blessed to have such a good sleeper! By this time you were already sleeping through the night! You were sleeping 8-10 hrs by now! At your 2 month appt you were 23 3/4 inches long (75%) and 9lbs 14oz (10%).
This is when Mommy started reading to you everyday. You love to read!You experienced your first snow storm! We drove up to Utah in November to go to Cousin Nick's wedding! That weekend you met a lot of family for the first time. You had your first vacation-which you did awesome on the 13 hr drive! and you had your first family vacation! You also were babysat by cousin Mindi for the first time. You were an angel! I think leaving you was much harder on me than you! You sure had a lot of first this trip!

At 5 weeks you rolled over the first time! You rolled from your belly to your back! Then a month later you rolled from your back to your belly! Both times your daddy was gone :( You tend to do exciting things when Daddy is gone!

1 Month- October 31, 2009My cute little giraffe!You and cousin Ashlynne! You two sure do love each other! While you were still in my belly, you would kick me like crazy when I was holding Ashlynne!

3 weeks oldAt 2 weeks you were 20 3/4 inches long (60%) and 6lbs 4 oz (10%)
Welcome Baby Ryan! You are sure loved!You have a home of love and laughter!! Our First Family picture! You are 8 days old!

Look at that beautiful baby! You loved to just stare at me! You were a good baby from the start!

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

She's Here!

Life has been busy in the Fessler household! Over the last few months Lareme and I have been preparing for Ryan's arrival. We have completed her room, got maternity pictures, and a 3d ultrasound! She finally arrived on Sept 17th at 9:49PM. She was 6lbs 9ozs and 19inches long. She has a little head..only 12 1/4 inches around the same size as her chest!! The delivery went really well and fast...thankfully! We have been enjoying are new little one since her arrival. Here are some pictures of Ryan Nicole Fessler! She is absolutely beautiful and looks so much like her daddy! She is such a content baby and we have truly been blessed to have her come to our home. We just had family pictures done last week so I will be sure to post those as soon as I get them!