Saturday, July 3, 2010

On Saturday we went down to down town Mesa for the 4th of July Celebration. Happy 4th btw! We also went to go see the Founding Fathers Presentation! Our friend Helen is an amazing photographer and she was presenting her new collection of Captured Miracles at the Mesa Center for the Arts. They are amazing!! You can see her work here. Anyways Ryan was all decked out in her Red, White and Blue but I didn't take any picture, however I did today! Not the same outfit but she is still cute :)
Doesn't that face melt your heart!! This is how she looks at her Daddy when she knows she's in trouble!!! Now who's in trouble...ahaha my daddy's girl might get away with more than she should!
I couldn't help myself!! I had to take a picture of these cute shoes!! Ah I love little girls!! Aren't they fun!

This week Ryan started clapping! She loves to clap. Whenever she hears music or someone acts excited she gets a big smile on her face and claps! :) Ryan also is beginning to crawl really fast! She is all over the place now!
I know many people think I'm crazy but I have started to potty train Ryan. All I've been doing is when she is getting ready to poop I put her on the potty! I have had incrediable success with this so far! For the last 9 days she has only had one stinky diaper and that was only because we didnt have a bathroom nearby. The best thing of all is she stopped herself until we got home and finished when I was able to put her on the potty! I really think she is making the connection! It's amazing!! This next week we are going to start working on the sign for potty so she can communicate to me when she needs to go! Wish me luck!!
So I've been reading up on this early potty training thing because so many people think I'm crazy and I found out that in other countries (China, Africa) where diapers are not readily available, babies are potty trained by the age 1. I also discovered that babies were potty trained by 18 month in America before the 1940's when Pampers came out. I guess when Pampers came out they had a Doctor endorse the fact that early potty training could cause pyschological issues. However recent studies show there is no negative effect on early potty training if done properly. I also read that some people begin to potty train at 3 months!! Thats crazy! Its all very interesting! So I'm going to try some of the new tactic I read about this week and see how it goes!!

At 9 months I have discovered and learned some of Ryan's favorites

Favorite toys- Touch'n Feel books, ribbon, combs, and paper (notice how 3 of the 4 are not baby toys)

Favorite Food- Bread, Cheese quesadilla, CHOCOLATE! She tried spagetti and mac'n cheese and loved them both! Yogurt and pears!
Favorite things to do- READ, Play with daddy and sit on his shoulders, Hang upside down, and the newest CLAP

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